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Foster Homes Needed
Looking for foster homes for cats, kittens, dogs, and (bottle feeders for baby kittens). 

COPE will furnish food and Vet care. 

If you can help, please email

These kittens will be up for adoption when they are 12 weeks old!
A Story of Rescue
Before Rescue, Bob Darin found this poor blind girl chained outside under a truck.   We took straw and a dog house but that wasn’t enough.    Thanks to Joanna Sonnier in Oklahoma, a COPE Volunteer, and her persistence   in finding a rescue for this sweet dog!
Great Day!  Rescue took place and this sweet dog was moved to foster care.  She was taken in by Magnificent Mutts.  Thanks to …Blind Dog Rescue Alliance and Dogs Deserve Better for their wonderful job of networking, also to all the wonderful rescues and people across the nation who offered to help.
A message from her new home:   Kelly is so very smart and learned the layout of the first floor within hours! She loves her crate and new bed too, but most of all, loves to give and receive attention and kisses. She is great in the car and loves to go to new places.....quite the courageous little girl for someone who lived her life on a chain. We hope she can relive the puppyhood she missed and learn to play with toys and other dogs. That will come with time and patience. For now, she is safe, warm, well-fed, and most of all, loved. UPDATE since I drafted this....she learned to play ball today!
Georgette finds a Home

COPE  received a  phone call from a concerned citizen. She told us that she had rescued a domestic rabbit that was running loose by her place of employment. She could  not keep the rabbit and would  have to put it back outside if she did not find a home. She asked COPE  if we could help. We spoke with Teresa Chilitz and her daughter who are m embers of our organization. They have one pet rabbit named “Charlie” and they both agreed they could love one more,  so “Georgette” found the perfect home!
Clyde Asks For Help/COPE and Senese family come to rescue!

Clyde walked into a horse barn in Coal City and was in sad shape. His scalp was torn open and he was missing one ear. Even though he had to be in so much pain he was very friendly.  He seemed to know he could trust  Darcy to help. He went to COPE where he was treated for his injuries. After a time he was ready to be adopted. He was adopted by the Senese family. The kids were certain Clyde was the right cat for them and soon convinced their mother. Clyde looks as thrilled as the kids do!

This sweet little girl needs help. She was found walking down Interstate 55, by Cope volunteers Stacy and Joe Broske. Her injuries suggest she was thrown out of a car. She has a broken tail, damaged back legs, dislocated hip and a skinned up nose. She will need hip surgery soon to allow  her to walk normal again.  She has been named Ballerina because she has to work extra hard right now  to balance herself! She is extremely loving and loves to snuggle. Ballerina will be up for adoption after her surgery...she will  tug on your heart strings.