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Have you seen animals that have been neglected or are abused and donít know who you can contact about it?

Report it anonymously at: 815-773-4340  ext. 3.

COPE has volunteers who have been approved by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to conduct humane investigations.

If you suspect animal abuse/neglect by a resident of Will or surrounding counties, call us at 815-773-4340 and leave a message.  You may include your name, phone number and best time to reach you, along with the exact nature of your complaint.   Be sure to tell us the name of the town or municipality.    Your complaint will be held in the strictest confidence.  You do not have to leave your name; however, if you choose not to do so, provide us with a callback number that is answered only by you.

Warning Signs of Animal Neglect:
Warning Signs of Animal Abuse and Torture:
Animal left without food or water
Animal outside without shelter
Animal tethered inappropriately
Animal not receiving vet care
Size of collar - not increasing collar size with animal growth results in serious injury or death.
Starvation - emaciated appearance.
Mange and ticks - skin parasites, itching, patchy hair loss and sores
Grooming- Severe massive matted coat, elongated nails
If you suspect or are aware of animal abuse/neglect at any pet store, animal shelter or place of business, contact Regina at the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Animal Welfare Bureau in Illinois at 217-782-6657.   Tell Regina you want to file a complaint, relay the facts, and call back periodically for status until resolved.
Cruelty:  malicious intent (when a person deliberately causes harm to an animal.)  Warning signs include INJURIES, LIMPING, COWERING AND VERBAL ABUSE.